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One-Punch Man Is Coming To Console And Mobile Games

One-Punch Man has first published in 2009 and became a hit show after releasing in 2015. It has created a huge fan base for the show and now Bandai Namco Entertainment is creating a game for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. The game is called ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS. Below is the announcement trailer: The first ever console […]

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review

Rate the video game below. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now available in the Google Play and App Store to download. The game is developed by WB Games and Niantic (Pokemon Go). It is an augmented reality game where you play as a wizard on your mobile phone traveling around fighting bad guys and casting spells. Below is the launch […]


Apex Legends Will Have Dragons In Season 2

It seems that Apex Legends might be having dragons in season 2 and players are already seeing them. There are already many YouTube videos of the dragons appearing during the game and everyone is trying to figure out what will be their purpose in Apex. Below is video of the dragon. In the video below, a player was able to […]


Pokémon Sword And Shield: First Impression Rating

First impression rating Nintendo gave us a feel for what the game is going to look like and battling. Gamers Seemed to not be happy though because the YouTube video that Nintendo posted is sitting at 15k likes and 47k dislikes. Below is a video from a Youtuber name Ace Trainer Liam giving his thoughts about the game and why […]


Star Wars Fallen Order First Impressions From Gamers

The Big reveal of actual gameplay from Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was shown yesterday. You plays as a jedi fugitive that is fighting to rebuild the Jedi Order. You fight against the empire that will try to stop you in any means possible. Below is the demo gameplay that was shown on YouTube. Even though the mission we saw […]

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Rage 2 Review

It has been 8 years since Rage was released and now Rage 2 is here. The reviews for the first game is shown below: IGN- 8.5/10 GameSpot- 8/10 PC Gamer- 84% Metacritic- 79% Now 8 years later let’s see if the ratings have changed. IGN- 8/10 GameSpot- 6/10 PC Gamer- 70% Metacritic- 73% The big change came from GameSpot and […]

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Esports Awards 2019 Launch Show is Live

The Esports Awards is opening up for people to start voting. You will be able to start nominating your favorite streamers and teams from the three categories (Community, Industry, and Pro). If you didn’t get to see last years award show then watch the recap below. Click here to start voting on their website

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Xbox Games With Gold Lineup

Xbox has come out with its games with gold lineup and it’s not as exciting like the pass months. Starting May 1-31, you’ll be able to play Marooners and Earth Defense Force. The Golf Club 2019 will be available May 16-June 15. Comic Jumper will be available starting May 16-31. Let us know what you think in the comment section […]


Shift Codes For 5 Gold Keys Will Get You Some New Loot in Borderlands 2

Borderlands tweeted two hours ago and posted shift codes for players to use in Borderlands 2. Make sure you get the codes and use them because they will only be available until 5/13. Here are the shift codes for PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSVR. PC / Mac: CTKJJ-T3FS3-R63XW-3J3JT-JBJFH XB360 XBOne: WTCJ3-RSRR5-HSXRZ-56JBJ-T9XWC PS3/PS4/PS Vita/PSVR: WBWBT-53W9S-H3CS5-SJKBJ-W6C3S


Google Stadia is The Future of Gaming

In post by Digital Trends, The writer states that Google’s new venture into gaming will be the end for consoles and physical game copies. Retailers will have a hard time fighting against the cloud. Anonymous data centers like this will power Google Stadia, the company’s bold expansion into gaming. The company spoke proudly of the platform’s many benefits to gamers and […]


World War Z Tips & Tricks To Survive

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks in World War Z then you have clicked on the right post. A youtuber by the name Astrosive helps you with surviving the weaves of zombies. If you feel like XP leveling up really fast then check ItsDone’s video titled “2900 XP EVERY 10 MINUTES! World War Z – Fast & Easy Level Strategy!“ If you want to know about secret loot rooms in World War Z then check out Born 2 Game video titled “HOW TO UNLOCK SECRET LOOT ROOMS!! – World War Z Tips & Tricks” All the credit in this post goes to all the creators and their great content. There’s no need to make our own videos when […]

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World War Z Review

World War Z is a 3rd person shooter developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. You get to play with three other people to fight the zombie horde and complete missions. You will be able to fight in Moscow, New York, Jerusalem, and Tokyo. Aside from just fighting zombies, you will be able to choose six classes […]


Borderlands 3: Gamers React

After a long time waiting for borderlands 3, it’s finally coming! 7 years later and now we get a sneak peak on what’s to come. The trailer was really cool and brought back memories from playing Borderlands 2. The gaming community is also excited and is hoping that Gearbox doesn’t mess up like Bethesda did with Fallout 76. Let’s read […]