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Red Dead Redemption 2 Sells Vs GTA V

The cowboy game that fans waited 8 years for has hit a new record. In a financial report posted by Venturebeat , the site states that Take-Two publisher confirms sales of 25 million. The game was released on October 26, so these sales equates to about selling 2.5 million copies a month (Just guessing). Not bad for an open-world cowboy […]


Ninja’s Mixer Stats From Streaming at Lollapalooza

Today is Ninja’s first day of streaming on Mixer. The place? as the title says it all, Lollapalooza. We will be looking at his stats for today and what this means for Mixer. Yesterday we wrote a post of people reacting to Ninja leaving Twitch for a streaming deal with Mixer. There was a lot of supporting fans and a […]


Gamers Reaction To Ninja Leaving Twitch For Mixer

The man that broke twitch streaming records and became a favorite among viewers is leaving. Ninja has struck an exclusive deal to start streaming on Mixer. Mixer was first introduced as Beam in 2016. Overtime, they updated the platform and changed the name to Mixer. It’s streaming service is meant to make streaming for Xbox players more easier than going […]


Best Gaming Mouses For July 2019

Today we have a list of the best gaming mouse for july 2019. The websites that I will be gathering what they consider a good gaming mouse is Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. The prices ranges for these gaming mouses will start from low to high on each website. If you decide to buy a computer mouse from amazon then […]


A Look At The Halo Franchise (2001-2020)

The Halo franchise began 18 years ago (2001). During that same year Microsoft released the Xbox. Can you guess what game they used to help with boosting the sales of the console? That’s right, Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo helped Xbox boost interest of getting the console to play this new FPS Shooter. By the end of 2001, Xbox had sold […]


Best Selling Gaming Laptops 2019

For all the PC Gamers out there looking for a new laptop, the best selling gaming laptops for 2019 will be shown below. where I will be getting the information on what is the best selling gaming laptop is between Best Buy and Walmart. The price ranges won’t be specific and can range from $500-$1,000 and up. Maybe you have […]


Fortnite Event: Monster VS Robot

The final showdown between Cattus and Doggus finally took place in Fortnite. In the mode “The Final Showdown” players were able to watch the epic fight between the two giants. The match up was head to head, but in the end Doggus came out victorious. This was one epic way to end season 9, which has been building up to […]


Popular Video Games For The Next 3 Months (2019)

The past 6 months of game releases have been filled with fun and new games. Now let’s take a look at the next 3 months of popular video games for 2019. These games have been pick from popularity by other gamers. July Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers  Systems: PlayStation 4, PC, Mac Date: July 2, 2019 Wolfenstein: Youngblood  Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox […]


You Can Now Parkour In The New PUBG Update

PUBG now lets you parkour in the newest update. On twitter this tweeted with the caption “Embrace your inner parkour ninja with the new Ledge Grab feature. Leap long distances and get the drop on the competition!” Below is the video: In the patch 30 notes, this is what they have to say about the new parkouring in PUBG. Ledge […]


One-Punch Man Is Coming To Console And Mobile Games

One-Punch Man has first published in 2009 and became a hit show after releasing in 2015. It has created a huge fan base for the show and now Bandai Namco Entertainment is creating a game for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. The game is called ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS. Below is the announcement trailer: The first ever console […]


Apex Legends Will Have Dragons In Season 2

It seems that Apex Legends might be having dragons in season 2 and players are already seeing them. There are already many YouTube videos of the dragons appearing during the game and everyone is trying to figure out what will be their purpose in Apex. Below is video of the dragon. In the video below, a player was able to […]


Pokémon Sword And Shield: First Impression Rating

First impression rating Nintendo gave us a feel for what the game is going to look like and battling. Gamers Seemed to not be happy though because the YouTube video that Nintendo posted is sitting at 15k likes and 47k dislikes. Below is a video from a Youtuber name Ace Trainer Liam giving his thoughts about the game and why […]


Star Wars Fallen Order First Impressions From Gamers

The Big reveal of actual gameplay from Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was shown yesterday. You plays as a jedi fugitive that is fighting to rebuild the Jedi Order. You fight against the empire that will try to stop you in any means possible. Below is the demo gameplay that was shown on YouTube. Even though the mission we saw […]

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Esports Awards 2019 Launch Show is Live

The Esports Awards is opening up for people to start voting. You will be able to start nominating your favorite streamers and teams from the three categories (Community, Industry, and Pro). If you didn’t get to see last years award show then watch the recap below. Click here to start voting on their website