The “YouTube is Over Party” is Trending on twitter again. It seems that YouTube has found itself in trouble again with the hashtag #youtubeisoverparty. While looking through the tweets trying to see what triggered this, someone highlighted one of YouTube’s rules for content that is not allowed.

Why YouTube is Over Party Trending

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It seems that if a creator is verbally insulting someone or another creator, then that is considered not allowed. This has hurt a Youtuber by the name of idubbbzTV and people are not happy about it.

While some agree that his videos should be taken down because they are a form of harassment, Others point to what the CEO of YouTuber had to say about content that might offend people 4 months ago.

Now it seems that she has retracted that statement by tweeting in support of the new YouTube policy.

We will see what other creators have to say about this in the coming days. You can read all the tweets here.

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