Modern Warfare has officially launch season 1 of their own battle pass. Buying the pass will give you the opportunity to unlock up to 100 tiers of content that includes “Rare, Epic and Legendary Weapon Blueprints, Operator skins, exclusive challenges and more, and immediately unlocking an all-new Operative Mara.”

The battle pass will cost you 1,000 cod points to buy it and 150 cod points if you choose to skip ahead and unlock tiers faster. If you are not going to be buying the battle pass, then what will you get for free? On activision’s blog, it states, “Everyone can earn over 20 free tiers of content, including two new weapons – the RAM 7 and Holger-26 – just by playing.”

Modern Warfare's Battle Pass Free Tiers

Lets take a look more closely at everything you will be able to get for free.

  • RAM 7
  • Holger-26
  • 300 CoD Points
  • Three weapon blueprints
  • Various types of Charms, Emblems and Stickers

From looking at the battle pass compared to the free tiers, you’re better off paying the 1,000 cod points for the 100 tiers of content. You won’t get much good stuff from the free tiers.

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