In this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb Of Eilram Easter Egg guide, you will learn how to be able to reach this secret location that will be pictured down below.

*This post might contain spoilers for those that are still at the beginning of the game*

Below is the picture.

Tomb Of Eilram Easter Egg

The Tomb of Eilram is filled with 4 sphere puzzles. You will find this location on the planet Zeffo. After playing the story missions, Cal will have the opportunity to travel to Dathomir (which has the location of the double-bladed lightsaber) or Zeffo (which has the Tomb of Eilram).

You can choose whatever location, but this post will focus on how to find this little easter egg.

When you have entered the tomb, you are going to watch the YouTube video provided below. This will show you where to place the spheres so that you will be able to unlock this easter egg.

When you finally have completed everything, you will then have the hard part of jumping to reach the easter egg. Just follow the video and you should be able to make it the first time.

Good luck and hope you like the Tomb Of Eilram Easter Egg. Make sure to check out the other easter egg on the “Order 66” reference.

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Credit to YouTuber MrRedRivers for showing how to find this easter egg.