It seems that a player has found an interesting easter egg in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The “Execute Order 66” easter egg refers to Darth Sidious’s plan to make all the jedi’s be seen as enemies during the Clone Wars.

*There may be spoilers in this post!! Don’t read on if you’re still in the beginning of the game!!

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Here is a more in depth explanation on Fandom:

Order 66, also known as Clone Protocol 66, was a top secret order identifying all Jedi as traitors to the Galactic Republic and, therefore, subject to summary execution by the Grand Army of the Republic. The order was programmed into the Grand Armyclone troopers through the control chips implanted in their brains, making it impossible for the clones to disobey the command to turn against their Jedi Generals.”

Below is the scene from The Clone Wars.

Execute Order 66 on Disney Video

Now the YouTuber that found this easter egg goes by the name “xGarbett”. in the video you see him following someone on the train before the doors closes. the player then proceeded to try to open the door multiple times. It is at the 66th attempt at trying to open the door that you hear Darth Sidious’s voice.

He then says the line “Execute Order 66…”. This is a really weird easter egg for the fact being you have to try to open the door 66 times to get that response from the emperor.

Below is the video from YouTuber xGarbett.

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