In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide you will learn how to get the double bladed lightsaber early on in the game. This is for players that want wield a lightsaber like Darth Maul (of course it won’t be red).

Lets get right into it.

When can you get it?

This is the good news. You will have the opportunity to obtain the double bladed lightsaber early on in the game when traveling to the first planet called Bogano.

You won’t get this weapon when playing the campaign. It is more of a personal side quest you can do.


Once you have reached the planet and are off the ship, you will now look for the Ancient Vault on Bogano. You can’t miss it because it’s a big structure, but below is a picture that will help guide you.

How To Get The Double Bladed Lightsaber Early
screenshot from Arekkz Gaming

You will then proceed straight through the ancient vault and make your way on the other side and see ancient ruins. Once you reach a dead end, you will make a quick left and see a door straight ahead.

Once you jump towards the locked door you will see some writing in red on the wall. this is what you will scan to be able to proceed to the next part.

How To Get The Double Bladed Lightsaber Early

After you have done that, you will be able to travel to the planet called Dathomir. this is where you will find the double bladed lightsaber.

Below is a video from a YouTuber that will show you what to do when on Dathomir.

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