In this quick guide you will learn how to kill BTs fast in Death Stranding unless you prefer to sneak past them. This simple way will also help you if your trying to farm them for crystals.

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Death Stranding: Simple Way To Kill BTs

What You Need

When coming in contact with the BTs, below is the weapons that you will need to be able to kill them.

  • The Bola Bun
  • Any other gun you have equipped on you

What To Do

Whenever you come in contact with the BTs and sneaking around isn’t an option, use the two guns needed above. The first thing you do is to use the Bola gun to stun the BTs and then switch to your other gun to kill them.

It should be noted that the Bola gun will let you get by them because it stuns them but this guide is for killing them. There is other players that are using grenades to kill the BTs, so now you have two options on how to handle them.

If you don’t have the Bola gun then you will have to stick to sneaking past them until you acquire the weapon.

Hope this quick guide will help you with fighting the BTs in Death Stranding and check back daily on the website for more guides or new games to rate.

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