In this Death Stranding guide you will know Higgs’s House Location and be able to get the trophy “God Particle Go-Getter”. If you’re interested in learning how to easily kill BT’s then this guide will help you

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Death Stranding: Higg's House Location

Things To Know

Before attempting to find his house, you must complete episodes 1-9. The reason for this is because you will be able to go to his house, but not enter inside. This is why it would be a waste going before completing episode 9.


below is a picture of the map that will show you where to go. Make sure you’re looking for a place called “Peter Englert”.

Screenshot from Gaming with Abyss

If you can’t see the picture clearly then below is a video that could also help.

Once you walk into the room you will automatically get the trophy “God Particle Go-Getter”.

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