Today is Friday and that means some of you have the weekend and others are still working. Whatever the case is, below is 15 fun facts for friday that will for sure make you say “what??”.

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1) Math and pizza go hand in hand

Now when you look at pizza you’ll start doing calculations in your head

2) Did you know that Excite could’ve bought Google in 1999

The price for Google was even brought down to $700,000 and Excite still refused. They really must’ve not believed in a search engine.

3) Here’s a fun fact about pigs

Now the next question is why people say the phrase “Sweat like a pig”.

Answer: “The original expression “sweat like a pig” allegedly comes from smelting pig iron (which sweats as it cools). Pig iron, by the way, is so named because it’s shaped in molds that branch off like piglets suckling on a sow. (Also, minor point of fact, dogs can sweat a little bit through the pads on their feet.)” –

4) Fun fact about M&M’s

5) Pepsi Cola has change it’s logo 11

6) Want to get notified when someone uses your donated blood?

7) What’s the longest word that can be typed on a single row of the keyboard?

8) More ants live on earth than humans

9) Where does chocolate milk come from

10) Cannibalism isn’t illegal

11) Don’t get hurt this holiday season

12) Chewing gum can help you do what?

13) Wait! Rats can do what??

14) Want to try eating a neutron star?

15) What do you call a group of Panda’s? (this is not a joke)

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