If you a gamer looking for another RPG game to play then consider one the the classics Runescape. Get a Runescape membership free for 14 days if you have Twitch Prime.

If you don’t know anything about the game that’s been out since 2001, below is a video to catch you up.

Get A Runescape Membership Free For 14 Days

For the Month of November you will get the subscription to old and new Runescape. below is what the game is going to offer next month.

December: A bundle of Twitch Prime-exclusive cosmetic items: Umbral Cape, Longbow, and Staff plus previous Umbral cosmetics

Now if your next question is whether I should play this game, then below is a video from a YouTuber that talks about playing Runescape 3

Below is another video from a YouTuber that talks about playing old Runescape

Hopefully you have a new game to play that has an old and new version to it.

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