In this guide you will learn The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch and be able to sell the items to make lots of bits. Or if you don’t want bits and just want to dupe weapons then this will help you as well.

*Just know that you cannot put your duplicated items in a chest because they will despawn*

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The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch


To attempt this glitch you will need to head over to Edgewater. Don’t worry, you can do this early on in the game or later. The location is the main thing you have to worry about

Once in Edgewater, there is a specific spot you will need to walk over and attempt the glitch.

You will always spawn in the front like the picture above before doing the glitch. The next thing to do is walk straight and make a left as you get closer to the building in front of you

The Outer Worlds Duplication Glitch

When you head over in that direction you will see the maintenance division building to the right and next to it will be a house.

Screenshot from Red Beard The Gamer

You are going to be using the porch to dupe items. This is not a must but will make it easier when knowing where your item will spawn.

Before you watch the video from Red Beard The Gamer, below is things you need to know.

If you are going to sell your dupe items, make sure that you only sell what’s in your inventory and leave the item your duplicating on the porch until after you’re done.

The next thing to know is make sure you have lots of carrying capacity. If you don’t then at least have the perk that allows you to fast travel while encumbered.

Below is the video explanation from the YouTuber they discovered it.

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