The Outer Worlds: tips for getting started. The game has been out for 7 days and this post will cover many different tips from others that have already played the game.

The RPG game is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and has gotten good reviews from the gaming community.

The Outer Worlds: Tips For Getting Started

Now let’s jump right into the tips.

Tip #1

Early on in the game, you should get lock picking, science, and engineering to 20. You will come across a lot of locked chest with loot and mag picks are not easy to come by. With lock picking at 20, anything that requires 1 mag pick will be open for free.

Science is needed for you to improve armor and weapons, so this should be a must get to 20. That is unless you don’t want to have better equipment and just look for good stuff.

For engineering, it is a really good thing to have because you will be able to repair your equipment anywhere instead of finding a workbench.

This tip comes from YouTuber Fextralife and you can find his video here

Tip #2

The next best thing to do (which is pretty self explanatory) is to talk to all the NPC’s. If you have played all the other RPG games out there then you know that talking to these characters can grant extra side quests and help with current ones.

This tip was added in for the players that usually skip over this.

The Outer Worlds: Tips For Getting Started

Tip #3

The third tip is to make sure you have Show Dialog Skill Stats to “Always” when playing the game. By default it will be “Only When Close” which means that it will only show you successful dialog skills.

Its best to have “Always” so that way when you’re talking to someone, it will show you all the dialog skills that would have with persuading and in turn will help with you choosing what skills to benefit when playing the game.

This tip comes from YouTuber Mitt Gaming

Tip #4

The last tip that you need to know when playing is about stealing. When you are exploring the outer worlds and see stuff that you want to take to sell or use, there really isn’t consequences.

As long as you are not seen by someone, you can steal whatever you want and be able to sell it as if the item was yours. Even if you do get caught it is easy to persuade people and carry on taking what you need.

This tip comes from Gamer Guru

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tips and make sure to watch the videos on this post for a more in depth tips when playing the game.

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