It appears that Amazon is looking for a creative director to help with making the new Lord of The Rings game. Maybe that person can be you. This MMO will be created in Amazon’s game engine called Lumberyeard.

The game engine was released in 2016 and allows developers to create on the Amazon cloud and support live streaming to

New Lord Of The Rings Game Needs A Creative Director

In July it was announced that Amazon Game Studios will be developing a new Lord of The Rings game that will be a free massive multiplayer type game. You won’t have to worry about buying the game out of pocket.

It will also be in partnership with Leyou company that focuses on game development as well.

Amazon reportedly paid 250 million for the right to the franchise and making the game will be another bet along with the new show.

There have already been many LOTR games like recent titles Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The big question is what will the game be about.

New Lord Of The Rings Game Needs A Creative Director

The job posting for a creative director was posted on glassdoor 21 days ago and looks like no match has been found.

the basic qualifications to apply are:

– Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Experience
– 2+ Leading Creative for a Multiplayer Live Product
– 5+ Years Implementation of Layout, Scripting, Mechanics or Systems
– 3+ Years People Management or Mentor-ship
– 2+ Released Titles in an End-to-End Creative Leadership Role

Hopefully Amazon will find someone to make the game and impress the fans. Everyone loves a good MMO game, but design, storytelling, and the experience is what will judged for a game like this.

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