Back with another way to farm weapons in borderlands 3. This one is a very simple trick on how to farm the red chest as much as you like. This isn’t a glitch and probably not going to drop really good legendaries (unless you get lucky). It’s an exploit that a YouTuber name Osterberg501 found that could be a simple alternative to glitching the loot tink.


What You Need

  • Character: Zane
  • Action skill: Digi-Clone
  • Mayhem Mode 3 (to increase better loot drop)

This is all you need to attempt this exploit or whatever you want to call it.


The place you are going to farm the red chest is on Slaughterstar 3000. You are not going to have to complete all the rounds to open this chest. The point of this little trick is to get past the barrier protecting the red chest.

Borderlands 3: Simple Way To Farm The Red Chest

How You Do It

When entering into the place, go straight to start the first round. Once you do that turn around and you’ll see the computer station. If you look closely, there is a little opening where you can see the red chest.

screenshot from Osterberg501

You will then be able to spawn your Digi-Clone inside where the chest is being held and teleport to it. This is when you can open the red chest without any trouble and hope you get something good.

All you have to do after opening the chest is teleport to the fast travel station in Slaughterstar 3000 and you can do it all over again.

Borderlands 3: Simple Way To Farm The Red Chest
screenshot from Osterberg501

Below is the video for those that don’t prefer to read and need to watch someone as a guide. Osterberg501 discovered this and posted the video about 5 hours ago, so there might not be a patch anytime soon since it isn’t technically a glitch.

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