It seems that the Red Jabber isn’t dropping much legendary grenade mods despite the rare spawn hunt event going on in Borderlands 3. Players attempt at hoping to get something good are always coming up short. I only did 5 runs and got nothing from the Red Jabber.

Now I know some of you are thinking that 5 isn’t enough to get a legendary, but there’s some that have done way more.

Borderlands 3: Red Jabber Drop Rate Sucks

In a reddit post from Skitchh23, this person gives us insight on what killing the Red Jabber 50 times, along with a luck artifact, and playing on Mayhem 3 will get you.

The player states, “I killed him 50 times, resulting in 17 successful runs with 1 or more Legendary drops, 33 with no Legendary. I’d say about half of the runs I full cleared, with 3 legendaries dropping from the Badass Jabber, 1 legendary from the Jakobs chest.”

33 out of 50 runs came up with no Legendaries. Now I know Borderlands isn’t going to let players get grenades left and right, but 50 is a lot of grinding if you don’t have good weapons and can avoid/kill the Badass Jabbers. Below is everything looted from the Red Jabber

“Grenades (From Red Jabber): Mitosis Hex x2 (Shock x1, Radiation x1) Hunter seeker Quasar Nagata Moxxie’s Bouncing pair x2 Generator Tran-fusion Tracker Widowmaker Epicenter Fastball x2 (Shock x1, Normal x1)”

Now this player just shows that you’re going to need to farm the Jabber a lot of times to get some good nades, but he also had a luck artifact to help boost his chances.

Borderlands 3: Red Jabber Drop Rate Sucks

In a comment on the same post, this redditor name waterdaemon cleared the Red Jabber and everyone else 20 times on Mayhem 3 and got no legendaries. It was only doing 15 more runs that 1 legendary finally appeared.

Below is a video from Dead Zpikes that attempted 7 runs to see what he could get

Overall, the Red Jabber drop rate sucks and it could use some more tweaking. I mean do players really want to do 50 plus run throughs in hopes of getting a good legendary. Seems unlikely, but hopefully someone is getting lucky.

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