This guide will show where and how to get the Masterwork Crossbow in Borderlands 3. With the rare spawn hunt event going on from October 8-15, you will have an even better chance to get this weapon. There will also be other guide on different legendary weapons in the days to come.

Borderlands 3: Masterwork Crossbow Location

When doing this hunt, just know that there may be times when the Urist McEnforcer won’t spawn and all you will have to do is exit the game and start it up again. The last to take into account that playing on Mayhem Mode will help boost the chances along with the event going on.

Let’s get right into it


The place that you’re going to find the Masterwork Crossbow is on

Planet: Promethea

Place: Electric City

After loading into the map there is a specific part you will need to go.

Once at the spot in the above photo you will be right next to a spawn point and not have to worry about running across the map.

If you’re looking straight just like the photo above, then you will see the stairs that head down to the subway.

Borderlands 3: Masterwork Crossbow Location

Below is a video from YouTuber Joltzdude139 that will show you the rest of what to do.

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