How to power level in Borderlands 3 when you’re playing solo. If you have played the game in its entirety and have at least one character that is level 50 then this power leveling trick will work for you. This isn’t some glitch were you have to go offline, delete cached, or whatever you tend to see on YouTube. This is for someone that feels like getting a character to level 50 decently fast to try different builds.

How To Power Level In Borderlands 3

Besides that lets begin..

Pick The Character

How To Power Level In Borderlands 3

What you first have to do is create a new character and complete the beginning intro scenes (Note: if there is another way of creating a character without going through all the beginning stuff then let me know). After you have done that just quite the game to the main screen

  • Best Fl4k build for leveling that i’m liking so far is here

Joining Another Players Campaign

In this step you will select your level 50 character and proceed to join another players. Once you’re in the game, exit to the main menu. The best way to get the most EXP when doing this is making sure that the player is completing missions in vault hunter 3 at level 50.

Returning To The Same Player’s Campaign

At the main menu you’re going to select your newly created character. Once that is done you are then going to head over to the friends list and select the option that show previous sessions. Find the player and join. You will then be in the level 50’s game session at level 1. Whenever the player completes missions you will get tons of EXP and level up fast.

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Some things to keep in mind is when you join these players and try to kill enemies, you will only get little bits of EXP. You’re only getting a lot when missions are complete and or bosses are killed. When I attempted this with my FL4K level 1 character, It only took a short time to reach level 12.

While to some this might not seem like an interesting way to power leveling, it’s more for the players that ride solo and don’t feel like doing the other tricks on YouTube.

If those other power leveling tricks are what you want to do then below are some videos to look at.

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