Predator: Hunting Grounds was unveiled at Gamescom 2019. It was first announced back in May, but now we have some footage to look at. Below are the details surrounding the game and what to expect.

In the new predator game, it will be a 1v4 style game in which you get to play as the elite soldiers or become the predator. The soldiers missions are to complete various objectives while fighting other eminems in the jungle.

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While players are trying to complete the objectives to leave the jungle, the predator will enter the game. This is when things get interesting.

“It’s that duality that makes things particularly interesting when the game takes a turn and the Predator enters into play. You never know what will happen… Will the Predator hunt down the Fire Team and take his trophies, or will the Fire Team accomplish their mission and hunt down the Predator? It keeps the gameplay intense and fast paced, something we tried to convey in the trailer.”

Players will have to be very cautious when exploring the jungle because the predator will be hunting. He is able to jump climb on trees, leap on them, and be invisible. The developers wanted to give the predator the element of surprise.

Their inspiration?

The creators wanted to base the look of the predator from 1987 and as well as the jungle scene in the movie

Predator: Hunting Grounds Details

“We used Predator ‘87 for a majority of our inspiration for the game. Which we hope the gamers can see from the jungle environment, but also in the lengths we went to behind the scenes. We researched the original weapons and actually recorded them being fired in heavily wooded areas to make sure the sound and reverberation of bounding around trees and leaves was as accurate as possible in-game.”

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Even though Predator: Hunting Grounds still in alpha, the gameplay still show us how fun this is going to be. Hopefully more updates come out soon.

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