For Valut Insiders, VIP Season 3 will include a bunch of loot for players to use in Borderlands 3. The new game is less than a month away and 2K is deciding to let insiders get a head-start before the game comes out.

If you’re not a member then you can sign-up here

Of course the new loot you can get for being an insider isn’t free. You have to spend points to acquire the new stuff.


Borderlands VIP Season 3 Is Now Available

On the Borderlands 3 website, it says you can get the Conventional Reppin’ skin and CAMOUFL4GE head customizations available for robotic Vault Hunter FL4K the Beastmaster.

you can convincingly disguise yourself as your prey on day one. Yes, that is FL4K masquerading as a Psycho; those bandits will never suspect that behind the iconic mask is metal, not flesh!

Borderlands 3


The new weapons that you can get early before getting the game is listed below.

Borderlands VIP Season 3 Is Now Available
  • Dahl Relentless Puma
  • Tediore Premium Poison Fastblast +
  • Jakobs Daisy Marshal

If you don’t have the points to get these new weapons then here’s another way.

The VIP Season 3 reward items are all available to redeem with points and have the same 1-in-11 chance of dropping when you use your free spin on the VIP Season 3 Weaponizer.

Borderlands 3

How much do the weapons and skins cost?

Below is a list of the items and the points needed to buy everything.

  • Vault Hunter Skin: 3000 points
  • Vault Hunter Head: 4000 points
  • Weapon: 4000 points

Legendary Maliwan Gun

To obtain this legendary gun in borderlands 3 you will need to have claim at least 8 other VIP reward weapons. For more info on that visit the VIP Rewards page.

To unlock it you need to claim at least eight other VIP reward weapons (grenade and shield mods count toward this total); these can include any combination of those that you redeem points for, those that you receive from Weaponizers, and even the special Children of the Vault Borderlands 3 gun that’s included in the Early Adopter Pack.

Borderlands 3

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