Today is Ninja’s first day of streaming on Mixer. The place? as the title says it all, Lollapalooza. We will be looking at his stats for today and what this means for Mixer.

Yesterday we wrote a post of people reacting to Ninja leaving Twitch for a streaming deal with Mixer. There was a lot of supporting fans and a lot of haters (like usual).

Ninja’s Streaming Stats From Lollapalooza

Ninja's Mixer Stats From Streaming at Lollapalooza

As you can see, Ninja has had a steady 50,000 viewers. On Twitch he was averaging 100,000 views and leveled out to his current stats on Mixer.

These stats are a lot more than any other streamer on the Mixer platform playing Fortnite right now (As seen below)

Ninja streaming on Mixer

Ninja’s Mixer Following and Total View Count

Ninja has also gotten a big following and total view count fast in one day. This was already a given though because of his fans from Twitch and Mixers promotion allowing people to sub to him for free (One month only).

 Ninja has also gotten a big following and total view count fast in one day.

Ninja is going to be streaming at Lollapalooza from August 2-4 and these stats are most definitely going to change. What does this mean for Mixer?

Mixer’s Future

The Microsoft streaming platform has been trying to get gamers attention to start streaming on Mixer for a while. With cool little features and adding new ones every season.

This deal with Ninja will definitely help them attract lots of more viewers, but only fans of Tyler Blevins. I don’t see these viewers sticking around to watch the other streams that are live right now.

This is something that Mixer is going to have to figure out and a solution that is probably on their minds is adding more high profile streamers.

Fortnite stats compared to Mixer

As you can see from the photo above, Twitch still clocks in 187.5k viewers watching streamers play fortnite. Mixer has only 12k viewers without Ninja streaming.

Best of luck to Ninja’s new venture of streaming on Mixer and I can’t wait to see his stats improve in a month from now.

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Update August 5:

Ninja finally ended his 3 day stream and below is a picture of his following and total views.

Ninja's mixer stats from streaming Aug 2-4