One-Punch Man has first published in 2009 and became a hit show after releasing in 2015. It has created a huge fan base for the show and now Bandai Namco Entertainment is creating a game for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. The game is called ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS. Below is the announcement trailer:

The first ever console game based on ONE PUNCH MAN is coming to PS4, X1, and PC! Get ready to play 3v3 battles as Saitama, Genos, Hellish Blizzard, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider and more in ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS!

Bandai Namco Entertainment

And to top off the announcement for console, you will also be able to play as One-Punch Man on mobile. Titled “One Punch Man: Road to Hero”, below is an introduction to the mobile game coming soon:

-The officially authorized One Punch Man mobile game! Fight for
justice with Saitama!

-The original voice acting and style, relive the story for yourself!

-Original characters, faithfully reproduced!

-Handpick and train your own team of heroes.

-Intense combat with insane combos, conquer evil in strategic
arena battles.

Pre-registration for the game is now open and you can sign up by clicking here.

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